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Best Tours in Morocco

Tours in Morocco

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In a land where camels paint silhouettes against the sunset-kissed dunes, where aromas of saffron-infused tagines waft through the air, and Amazigh shepherds guide their flocks amid the High Atlas Mountains, the term ‘remarkable’ feels inadequate.

Morocco, a place where the extraordinary is ordinary. Wander through the weathered streets of Essaouira, trace the storied paths of the famous Aït Benhaddou Kasbah, or slumber under the Saharan stars—each moment infused with the rich tapestry of Maghreb hospitality. It’s here, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultures, that a journey through Morocco transcends the ordinary and becomes an indelible, truly unforgettable experience.

Our Trips

Fes to Marrakech in 4 Days

0 (No Review)

Fes to Marrakech in 3 Days

0 (No Review)

Marrakech to the heart of the Atlas

5 (1 Review)

The Ocean Adventure in 5 days

5 (1 Review)

Explore The Imperial Cities in Morocco

0 (No Review)

Morocco in 9 Incredible Days

5 (2 Reviews)

The Sahara Desert in 4 Incredible Days

5 (1 Review)

The Comfort Adventure in 7 Days

5 (1 Review)
Marrakech , Imlil , Aroumed

Toubkal adventure Trek 4167m

5 (1 Review)
Marrakech, Bin Elouidane

The Adventure of the Atlas mountains

5 (1 Review)
Marrakech , Three Valleys Village

Marrakech Day trip to the Three valleys

5 (1 Review)
Atlas mountains , Ourika waterfalls

Day trip to Ourika Valley

5 (1 Review)
Marrakech , Old Medina , Historical sites

Marrakech City Guide Tour

5 (2 Reviews)
Marrakech, High-Atlas , Ouarzazate City

Marrakech to ouarzazate

5 (1 Review)
Marrakech, Essaouira

Marrakech to Essaouira day trip

5 (1 Review)
Marrakech ,Sahara, Ouzoud Waterfalls

Desert & waterfalls in 5 days

5 (4 Reviews)
Marrakech , Todra Gorges, Merzouga

Sahara Desert in 3 days

5 (2 Reviews)

Explore The Atlas In 3 Days

5 (1 Review)


Morocco Travel FAQs

Overall, guys can dress however they like, but women need to dress more conservatively. Although you see many tourists wearing whatever they want, we chose to cover up as much as possible to avoid unwanted attention.

Exchange enough money when you get your chance. Ask the front desk at your hotel; they may have money to exchange.However , Moroccan cab drivers rarely “have changed” when you need it. To avoid overpaying, keep your coins.

In the Moroccan culture, people are tipping each other wherever they are, it is a kind of respect for their service. Kindly, you better have some local small changes ( 5 Dh ).

* 5- Multilingual Moroccans will put you to shame.Most Moroccans tend to switch between languages in almost every sentence( Berber – Arab – French and Spanish ) reflecting the culture shock that is very known in Morocco.

If you’re hoping to see a Mosque while visiting Morocco, you might be out of luck unless you’re Muslim. Most mosques are off-limits to non-Muslims, with the exception of the massive Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. They are still beautiful to take photos from outside though!If you’re looking for beautiful architecture, Bahia Palace is open to visitors.

Moroccans speak a mixture of Arabic, Berber, English, and French. You’ll be fine with English in most of the larger cities, but you’ll probably need a translator in the rural parts of the country.

Keep in mind that it is a Muslim country, so pay attention to their holidays otherwise you might be there when everything is closed.Also, most shops and attractions will close on Friday since it’s their holy day.A friend of mine went during Ramadan and told me it was very difficult to eat meals. We happened to arrive in Morocco on Eid al-Adha, where they were slaughtering and sacrificing animals on the street.All shops we saw closed that day and most shops were closed the following day.Plus it was a bloody mess, most of which we avoided. Below you can see what is usually a crowded marketplace is deserted.

To stay on the safe side, drink bottled water, and even use it to brush your teeth. Also, avoid using any ice when you’re out.If you don’t mind constantly buying bottled water, That will be much better.

Most Moroccans are friendly and honest, but you should always be careful with pickpockets in any major city, especially in crowded places like the markets.

When you’re walking through the markets, be careful when taking photos of people and shops. Unless you are purchasing something, they may get angry at you and even demand money for the photos.When we took photos of the snake charmers, we paid 20 DH. Some may even hassle you for more, so again, it’s good to first establish a price before taking a photo.

Fez is known for leather and carpets, while Marrakech is known for fragrances, oils, and spices (like saffron). If you’re buying saffron, make sure you’re buying the real thing. Many places sell artificial saffron for dirt cheap or mix the real with the fake stuff.You can ask them to do a demonstration of water. If it colors the water yellow, it’s real, if it turns reddish, it’s the dye coming out from the artificial saffron.You can also smell the difference (should smell more herbal), or ask for a couple of strands to put in your mouth and spit it onto a tissue to see what color it produces.

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Adam M

Went to Morocco for 3 weeks and Said was our tour leader who was very informative and friendly.10/10 would recommend for anyone


The trip was so amazing! We were taken to the very best parts of Morocco and had such amazing guides to help us along the way. Our tour guide, Said was excellent and always had so much information and facts about everywhere we went. He also went above and beyond on the trip. One night i realised I lost my phone charger so he took us all out on a nighttime adventure to get one and played great songs along the way! Would recommend these trips to anyone!


I took a 15 day vacation in Morocco that was effortless enjoyment. All I had to do was whip out my camera for photo ops, that were aplenty and pay for my food and impulse buys, plenty of that too! Morocco is very affordable. Said, our guide, was enthusiastic and passionate about his country and making sure we had a great time. I was in a bus of young adult Aussies and we had a blast. Said took us to places that were not touristy, he wanted us to see the important areas. The cities are so unique in their own way. We saw goats in a tree, slept in a Bedouin tent in the Sahara Desert and rode camels to see sundown ftom a high desert dune. In Chefchouen, the Blue City, we sat in a rushing mountain stream drinking fresh squeezed orange juice. We shopped the medinas, markets that have been since Marco Polo brought the spice trade to the West. Said makes sure you have a great and safe adventure.


This was my first trip to Africa, and chose Morocco to visit. From arrival to departure it was amazing. Every moment was jam packed with adventure, fun and laughs. Our group jelled really well and we made long lasting friendships with each other. Said and Mustapha (our driver) were always helpful and up for a laugh. Said was very knowledgeable of Morocco's history and current happenings. Couldn't have asked for a better guide. We had all age groups with us and Said managed to cater to everyones interests and personalities easily. I would recommend travelling with Said again and highly recommend visiting Essaouira and the Sahara Desert. FYI - We did the 15 day Morocco Imperial Cities Tour. Would recommend asking for Said to be your guide when booking through Indigo Expedition.

Julia P

We went on a 15day small group tour in Nov 2018. Our group had a wide range of ages & we couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Said was our tour leader. He was passionate about Morocco & shared his knowledge of this diverse country & we were able to experience their rich culture, & got to see & do so much. Our driver Mustapha was amazing as well, & at all times we felt safe. He was especially very obliging with requests for opportunistic photo stops! We would highly recommend Said (& Mustapha) xoxo