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From hold-your-breath experiences, to small and unbelievable moments of Happiness;
our Team will turn your Adventures  into stories to tell and for a lifetime.
High Atlas Tours

The adventure travel experts

Since launching in 2013 by local Moroccan tour Guide and starts only with only six tours in a four-page brochure, Indigo Expedition has grown to offer over 30 trips In Morocco & Spain; from classic ‘discovery’ group tours, solo traveller holidays and active family adventures, to walking holidays and cycling trips. However, Indigo Travel them sheds lights on the culture life-style, landscapes, wildlife.

1. Unforgettable experiences

On our trips you'll see a mix of famous sights and hidden gems that others miss, or don't even know about. As travellers, we want to experience a country, not merely observe it. We'll take you closer to the country, its culture and people, often in unscripted, spontaneous, impossible-to-replicate ways. You'll come home having seen and experienced the country in a way that other travellers might never have.

Why Book with us

2. Expert local guides

If you book a guided trip, like one of our small group tours, your guide (or tour leader) will use their expert insider knowledge and local connections to make the most of unexpected opportunities. You might be invited to watch the sunrise from a lighthouse or to join family Diwali celebrations. They'll be on hand to make sure your trip goes smoothly, taking care of logistics. Our tour leaders are all hand-picked and trained by our experienced team to ensure consistently high standards.

3. Small group trips

Our average group size is just 11; big enough to meet like-minded people but small enough to get to the heart of a destination. All sorts of people travel on our trips; groups are usually a mix of solos, couples and friends united by an adventurous spirit and a sense of fun. You can call us to learn more about the group already booked on a particular trip (age range, solos vs couples etc).

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