Morocco is Very known For its beautiful Culture shock, History, as well as vibrant Places, to visit that seem to be all different from one to another including The Sahara desert Where you can ride the Camel and see the stunning sunset from the golden dunes, the shining blue city of Chefchaouen that is Nestled in the Rif mountains and known for its Blue buildings and for its beautiful surroundings and architecture. For this reason, We have designed the top Trending Tours in Morocco.

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Most important Things to Know About Morocco:

Overall, guys can dress however they like, but women need to dress more conservatively. Although you see many tourists wearing whatever they want, we chose to cover up as much as possible to avoid unwanted attention.
Exchange enough money when you get your chance. Ask the front desk at your hotel; they may have money to exchange. The ATM quickly ran out when our entire group was trying to exchange money. Who knew ATMs can run out of money! A few people from our group thought the ATM was giving an error and tried multiple times, but the ATM didn’t dispense any while still charging it from the bank for every attempt. Also, traveler’s checks are pretty much useless in Morocco. It’s hard to find a place to cash them.
Moroccan cab drivers rarely “have changed” when you need it. To avoid overpaying, keep your coins. Most of our cab rides within the city cost roughly 30 Dirhams. The dilemma with keeping change though is that you will not be able to exchange it back when leaving the country. You want to keep correct change while you’re in the country, but you also want to spend it all before leaving.
In the Moroccan culture, people are tipping each other wherever they are, it is a kind of respect for their service. Kindly, you better have some local small changes ( 5 Dh ).

Top trending Tours In Morocco