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  • R.C  Number: 422607
  • PATENTE Number: 35700770
  • CNSS Number 13455117

About Indigo Expedition:  

   It Is a Travel Agency Licensed  Under the  ICE Number: 002195224000026   and Based in Marrakech city, Providing experienced travel consultation services, guided Tours by 4X4 Or Mini-Van, Travels, Hikes, Treks and a wide range of leisure activities on your trip in MOROCCO, In the Imperial Cities, in the Atlantic Ocean Cities and to the Sahara Magical Dunes of (Merzouga), M’hamid, Chegaga, and treks in the High, Middle Atlas Mountains as well. We Organize All tours and Day Trips depending on your wishes and your desires, We are always at your service anytime.

For many years, The HighAtlas Mountains and the surrounding hills were visited by various tourists seeking to understand and experience the Berber way of life” lifestyle”. They mainly came through foreign-owned tourism companies based largely out of Marrakech. While these companies did employ many Moroccans—even some locals—the vast majority of profits were ultimately taken out of the HighAtlas region that produced them. As a result, the beautiful land, culture, and people of the rural Berber villages were bringing greater wealth predominantly to those whose interests lay somewhere else.
About Indigo Expedition

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