High Atlas Morocco

The High Atlas Mountains are located in central Morocco which is part of the North African continent. There are three distinct sections to this mountain range. The western portion of the High Atlas Mountains stretches out from the Atlantic Ocean. This is the oldest section of the entire mountain range with a high point at Jbel Toubkal which stands at 4,167 meters. The summit can sometimes be viewed from the nearby city of Marrakech. The High Atlas Mountains in Morocco provide some of the most picturesque scenery in the world. The canyons, ravines, and gorges created from the mountain formation create an ambiance setting that is unlike any other place in the world.

As the High Atlas Mountains reach the middle of Morocco, they are referred to as the Central High Atlas. This section extends between the cities of Azilal and Ouarzazate and reaches a height of 2,500 meters. This however is not the highest point of the Central High Atlas Mountains. That can be found at Jbel Mgoun which stands at a massive 4068 m high.

The scenic display is similar to that of the mountains in the USA’s Colorado. There exist a variety of gorges, box canyons and plateaus here with peaks showing signs of natural wear and tear through millions of years. The Berbers are the main population group to be found in the Central High Atlas Mountains.